Air conditioners (ACs) are A pair of of the used house house equipment all by way of summers, particularly in India. Through the yrs, the gross sales of this equipment has drastically enhanced as trendy ACs are comparatively extremely effective and power environment nice. The recognition of ACs has additionally enhanced The general consciousness about them. Neverthemuch less, there are nonethemuch less a few issues That you merely can be not Discover out about air conditioners. Which will Assist you to out, We now have listed 10 important issues that You should Discover out about ACs.


Maintaining the ceiling fan on common velocity whereas the AC is working helps To relax the room faster

Turning on the ceiling fan at low or common velocity whereas the AC is working helps To relax the room shortly. When you set your AC temperature at optimum diploma, You furtherextra may Must Activate the fan to increase the throw of chilly air. It is worth noting that using ceiling foldecreases at extreme velocitys whereas the AC is working Might be counterproductive As a Outcome of it’d take prolongeder than required To relax the room.


Energy effectivity of ACs change every few yrs

In India, the power effectivity is calculated using Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio regular or ISEER. It is the ratio of CSTL (Cooling Seasonal Complete Load) to CSEC (Cooling Seasonal Energy Consumption). In straightforward phrases, It is the ratio of the annual quantity Of warmth the AC can take away to The complete quantity of power It could eat in a yr. The power effectivity of any AC is calculated on The typical efficiency based mostly on temperatures — outdoors — between 24 levels to 43 levels celsius. Thus, the power effectivity of ACs modifications every few yrs. Which advocates your 5-star AC might or might not stay 5-star AC subsequent yr.


Setting thermostat at low temperature Does not imply greater cooling

People think about that the AC will current greater cooling when the temperature setting Is about to low. Neverthemuch less That might not the case. As per Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), 24 levels is The good temperature for the human physique and any AC will take much less load To understand That focus on As in contrast with The backside temperature setting.


Maintaining AC away from direct daylight boosts the effectivity

Although it’s AC’s job To maintain …….


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