Chuntering about workplace problems on an off-day is an incomplete affair unless you mention the pressure and stress involved in your job. Stress always tends to affect productivity on such days. And, the best we can do to sabotage this unhealthy combination of workplace and work pressure is to have a toy or two to take our mind off things for a while. This is precisely where kinetic gadgets step in.

Although these tools are meant for corporate workers, anyone who’s burdened or having a boring day can use these gadgets to chill out. That being said, let’s have a look at how these tools work.

1. Titanium Spinning Top

Source: ForeverSpin/Amazon

If you think that fidgeting with things at your desk is a waste of time, you can’t be more wrong! Recent research shows that fidgeting or playing with kinetic desk toys at your desk helps boost your productivity and improve concentration. And, the Titanium Spinning Toy is a kinetic gadget here to help you with it.

Weighing 0.6 ounces (17 grams), this fine piece of art keeps on spinning until you want it to stop. Made out of the finest metals and alloys, the Titanium Spinning Top is the perfect combination of durability with a premium look and feel.

You can keep this titanium top spinning and simultaneously brood about the things you’re stuck at; it helps you focus on the tasks and clarify your thoughts. So, the next time you face an unproductive day, the Titanium Spinning Top can help you spin it around!

2. Lollicopter

Source: PLAYABLE ART/Amazon

For the record, just because it’s named ‘Lollicopter’, doesn’t mean it’ll make you go LOL.  You’re definitely not falling out of your chair laughing splits after watching what it does.

Lollicopter is a motorized device that displays some beautiful transformations of shapes that’ll please your eyes. The moment you turn it on, it starts rotating smoothly, displaying its helix shape at the end of each rotation.

There’s also an LED mode if you want to make it look further attractive. Once you switch to this mode, you’ll see an illuminated circle around the Lollicopter, which also makes it a pleasing sight in the dark. It’s one of the perfect kinetic desk toys to look at and brood, instead of staring blankly at your desk.

3. Square Wave Horizon

Source: Atellani/Amazon

If you’re looking for a premium desk toy or stressbuster, you won’t find anything better than the Square Wave Horizon. Just look at this timeless piece of art!

Made by Atellani in Italy, the …….


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