With The mixing of Elbit Methods London into the British Army of Defence, The united kingdom recruits might quickly see movement with some shiny new toys. These Are not any mere weapons both. As An further defensive meaconstructive, They’re incorpopriced with AI to feed the sniper Particulars Regarding the state of affairs.

It acquired us questioning what completely different defensive devices are out on the battlefield, or mightbe being developed To hitch new recruits. We’re Wanting On In all probability the most superior defensive devices Inside the military.

BodyGuard Electro Gauntlet

The BodyGuard Electro Gauntlet appears like one factor out of Batman. It is A bit Of package worn on the forearm and Produced from exhaustingened plastic. Its preliminary objective is To place some power behind your blocking, So as that an assault coming at you Is biggest prevented, However It is Full of devices Which will assist out in a pinch.

Not least Of these devices are The two little spikes atop the wrist that act as a taser! Press a howeverton on the palm of the gauntlet And also you will ship a non-lethal electrical volt by way of your opponent. There are lasers, video recording and transmission, biometric readers and extra On this gadget. Plus, the gauntlet has a coronary heart price monitor Which will alert somephysique if it senses misery and GPS So as to be found.


The Most very important killer on the battlefield is blood loss. And sadly, There’s not a capsule To unravel that. There are tourniquets, however They’re exhausting To use your self Do You’d like to get hit Inside The incorrect place They typically Do not Appear to be efficient for blood loss coming from the armpits or groin. Plus, Do You’d like to’re a medic treating a wound, you’re going To want To place presconstructive on the wound, which leaves you with out palms to Deal with Somefactor.

That is the place the Xstat Is out there in. It provides An simpler Stpricegy of making use of a tourniquet And might work anythe place. They are injectable sponges. You’ll get an injector syringe, which is smaller than the tourniquet for prolonged treks, crammed with capsule-sized sponges dipped in a hemostatic agent. Inject and the sponges will increase with the blood and put presconstructive on the wound, stopping blood loss in Decrease than fifteen seconds.

Liquid armour

We’ve used Kevlar and completely different suppliess incorpopriced into our police and troopers’ vests To primarytain them bulletproof from enemy coronary hearth since earlier than The primary World Wrestle, However there’s A mannequin new supplies Out there on the market, and It’s generally referred to as liquid armour.

Presently beneath evaluation by MIT and America Army …….


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