The CrossFi Marketplace developed by MinePlex has launched a new function that will allow customers to buy electronic gadgets and peripheral devices for as little as 10% of their original price. This offer is being made possible thanks to the introduction of the innovative commodity staking feature provided by underlying decentralized finance solutions.

The launch of the MinePlex Marketplace comes at a time of heightened demand for decentralized financial services and convenient solutions capable of disrupting traditional supply chains in retail. The steady rise in prices on consumer goods across international markets is giving the company sufficient grounds to believe that the marketplace and the commodity staking feature will prove to be highly demanded among digital asset enthusiasts and can help attract newcomers into cryptocurrency space.

Commodity staking allows users to purchase products for a fraction of their original price by staking MinePlex’s native tokens dubbed MINE. The products can be picked up at outlets at the end of the staking period determined based on the assets pledged. The length of the staking period depends on the size of the contribution from the product’s original price. A mathematical formula determines the staking term, calculating it in blocks equaling one minute per block. The percentage off the product’s original price is calculated in relative minutes. For instance, 50% off on a $1,000 device will equal 259,200 blocks, or a staking period of 6 months.

“The commodity staking feature is an excellent financial alternative to credit loans, which result in higher-end prices. Our model, instead, provides a zero-fee alternative to loans on products with a relatively available commodity – time – which is quite valuable in crypto space when it comes to staking yields,” as stated by Alexander Mamasidikov, the CEO of MinePlex.

The MinePlex project is a new-gen mobile crypto bank backed by a native liquid token. The company provides a unique blend of traditional financial solutions, blockchain technology, and the convenience of a mobile application. The MinePlex project’s main goal is to create a reliable mobile crypto bank application that can simplify the use of cryptocurrencies globally for bill payments, purchases of goods and services, as well as value generation and management of digital asset portfolios.

The wide range of services provided by MinePlex makes the use of the MinePlex Marketplace simple and convenient for both experienced and novice holders of digital currencies. The created MinePlex Banking application and MinePlex Wallet allow users to make instant transfers and track portfolio performance along with the current state of PLEX and MINE tokens, with recent transaction histories, plexus pools and much more.

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